Cypher Podcast Directory

This is a collection of podcasts and streams that feature games from Monte Cook Games. To be added to the list please email us at

Audio Dramas

  • A Ninth World Journal: An audio drama set one billion years in the future… the story of Januae, a man who randomly teleports to strange and dangerous places with no way of controlling it.

Cypher Discussion Shows

  • Cypher Speak: We’re CypherSpeak, a podcast about @MonteCookGames. We talk about Numenera, The Strange, and the Cypher System. Hosted by @DarcyLRoss and @TroyP23.
  • Cypher Unlimited: Brought to you by the founders of the Cypher Unlimited Discord Server, this show interviews those involved in the MCG community and running one shots.
  • The Magniloquent Moth: Welcome to The Moth! Take a seat and prepare for a hearty serving of Invisible Sun discussion focused on deepening your connection to the Actuality.

Cypher System

  • Doors of Dunera: In Karnan, magic is the current from which all life springs. Plants flourish all round, trams run on etheric cables and boats sail verdant canals, beneath which lies even more city underwater. About half the population are magic-users, each with unique inanaquai partners—pure magic in animal shape.
  • Infinite Horizons: A sci-fi/supers RPG actual play show powered by Monte Cook Games’ Cypher System.
  • Shattered Sky: Shattered Sky is a long form actual play podcast using Cypher System, set in a home brew fantasy world. Our story takes place roughly a century after a series of apocalyptic events that unleashed monsters, spread a plague and broke the sky. Join players Nathan Kiss, Steph MHC, Markus Maes, Claudia Jacob and GM Lauren Bond as their characters work against the oppressive forces of the corrupt government and try to change the world.
  • Tabletop Comics: Comic books for your ears using Monte Cook Game’s Cypher System

Invisible Sun

  • Anisoptera Knights
  • As the Suns Burn
  • Edge of Paradox
  • The Edge of Tomorrow
  • The Hole in the World: A series following the adventures of four exiled magical adepts returning to the world of the Indigo Sun. Join Gavriel, Kyrrie, Maurice, and Twigg as they struggle to remember a mystical world torn apart by war. Watch as we play The Invisible Sun by Monte Cook Games!
  • Incantations
  • The Raven Wants What You Have: From the MCG team! In the Invisible Sun narrative The Raven Wants What You Have, learn the secrets of the Girl From the Other Shore and follow a group of friends all across the city of Satyrine and even realms beyond
  • The Secret Cellar: A podcast that discusses storytelling with a variety of guests takes place in a Grey Haven bar found under Zero’s.
  • The Truth Bleeds at Twilight: The Truth Bleeds at Twilight is an Invisible Sun actual play created by Jason Robinson & members of The Notion and streamed via the Monte Cook Games Twitch channel.
  • Truth Hidden Among Hearts: The Actuality is even weirder when you’re among friends
  • Unearthly Twilights
  • A Woman with Hollow Eyes: Wake from Shadow and step into the Actuality, a surreal land of magic and secrets. In A Woman With Hollow Eyes, three friends hurtle through heartbreak, wonder, and horror in their goals to understand the threads of fate and magic around them. A Woman With Hollow Eyes is an interactive streaming actual play series of Invisible Sun, and is ONE SHOT’s first fully dramatic campaign.

No Thank You! Evil


  • The Amber Clave: The Amber Clave is a new actual play podcast featuring Monte Cook Games’s award-winning tabletop role-playing game Numenera. Join GM Megan and players Shaunna, Landan, and Aser as they explore the wonders to be found across the Ninth World, in a science fantasy setting full of sword-swinging action, nanotech-powered innovation and more psionic powers than you can shake a slug spitter at.
  • Explorers Wanted: A weekly Numenera Actual Play podcast about exploration, intrigue, and friendship.
  • Imprinted Echos: Imprinted Echos (formerly called Palimpsest) is an actual play podcast using the Cypher System set in the world of Numenera (both made by Monte Cook Games). Join Zann, Kat, Brigid and Chase as they dive into the mysterious world of Numenera and uncover the secrets of the city of Legam.
  • Longshot: 1 Billion years in the future, the Earth is a truly unfamiliar place. A hodgepodge of strange creatures, bizarre devices, and relics of past civilizations. It is a beautiful and cruel world in equal measure. In this land of wonders, four people will begin a journey that, by its end, may shake the planet to the very core. Of course, they will have to survive that journey first.
  • Quest Friends!: Things got strange after a billion years. Eight great societies rose and fell, alien visitors from across the universe found themselves Earth-bound, and sporks became the prominent form of silverware. But as much as things have changed, humanity hasn’t, fumbling along from self-made crisis to crisis in the way it always has. And like it always has, humanity faces these crises with the one hope that has never died: That maybe this time, we can get it right.
  • The Redacted Files: Mysteries of the Ninth World begins using the campaign “The Devil’s Spine” and continues into a mythos-inspired end of the world mission.

The Strange

  • Fandible: The Strange. A dark energy network where myth and stories become reality. In this setting, a team of thieves started a simple heist that would lead them into an adventure that spans worlds.
  • The Redacted Files: Representatives from the Estate and the Quiet Cabal thwart multiple plots to bring about the end of the world(s).