The Knot

Jessamy has a half shaved head, with the other half in a long braid. She wears a tunic and has a bow and arrow. She is colored in shades of purpleJessamy Gray
Jessamy is a Resourceful, Ultraterrestrial Seeker who Hunts with Great Skill.
Jessamy is played by Shaunna
Korshen has a vertical scar over his left eye and a confident smirk. He wears a vest and arm bracers. He has a whip about to strike and is colored in shades of red. Korshen Lambro
Korshen is a Resourceful, Stealthy Glint who Wields a Whip.
Korshen is played by Aser
Mako is bald with pointed ears, he is bald and has googles on his head. He has gills and skin like a shark with forearm blades that looks like shark fins. He is not wearing a shirt. He is colored in shades of blue. Mako
Mako is an Perceptive, Mutant Nano who Wears a Sheen of Ice
Mako is played by Landan

All art done by Hugo! You can find more of his work on Patreon.