Seasons 1 and 2

These seasons cover the adventures of Jessamy, Korshen, and Mako as new members of the Amber Clave as they head undersea, across the Steadfast, and into the stars. For these seasons we use the Numenera 2013 ruleset.

Jessamy has a half shaved head, with the other half in a long braid. She wears a tunic and has a bow and arrow. She is colored in shades of purpleJessamy Gray
Jessamy is a Resourceful, Ultraterrestrial Seeker who Hunts with Great Skill.
Jessamy is played by Shaunna
Korshen has a vertical scar over his left eye and a confident smirk. He wears a vest and arm bracers. He has a whip about to strike and is colored in shades of red. Korshen Lambro
Korshen is a Resourceful, Stealthy Glint who Wields a Whip. In Season 2, Korshen is a Stealthy, Impulsive Glint who Devotes Everything to the Cause.
Korshen is played by Aser
Mako is bald with pointed ears, he is bald and has googles on his head. He has gills and skin like a shark with forearm blades that looks like shark fins. He is not wearing a shirt. He is colored in shades of blue. Mako
Mako is an Perceptive, Mutant Nano who Wears a Sheen of Ice
Mako is played by Landan

All art done by Hugo! You can find more of his work on Patreon.