The Amber Clave

The Amber Clave originated as part of the Order of Truth, but branched off as their interest in research and preservation of the Numenera waned and their focus became to unite all denizens of the Ninth World and protect them from threats- terrestrial, extra-terrestrial, and ultra-terrestrial. They still nominally belong to the Order of Truth, but no longer regard the Amber Pope as the ultimate authority. The Amber Clave was founded approximately 350 years ago by Kalissa Zan, a respected Aeon Priest who became concerned in her travels for the small towns that faced threats they could not easily defend themselves from. Her vision was the Resin Guard could prevent these threats from even arising, not only protect the people of the Steadfast after they became manifest.

The Amber Clave is divided regionally into Clades, which function as research centers, data repositories, training grounds, and, if necessary, strongholds. While many members are fighters and scholars, they welcome any to join their ranks, even mutants and non-human species. The headquarters are in the Qi Clade, where Bole Yari Dulth currently leads the organization. The Amber Clave is also very popular in Nihleish.

One of Zan’s founding principles was that knowledge is the best defense, and therefore the Amber Clave frequently sends its members to explore and gather information, believing that this knowledge may help them defeat future threats, or allow them to prevent a disaster that is yet to happen. Full members are connected to the Amber Clave’s own version of the datasphere called The Mesh, pieced together over the last 300 years from technology they found and have been improving on. The key piece of this network is the Mesh Implant each member is given that allows them to ‘upload’ information from most locations in the Ninth World to a nearby clade, from which it is then disseminated to all other branches. The Qi Clade keeps all official records. The Amber Clave has not been able to replicate the production of the implants, and because of this they will pay a high bounty on the return of the bodies of any of their fallen members. Upon death, the member’s consciousness and obtained information are uploaded to the closest clade, or when the implant is close enough to transmit. The Clave can download the consciousness of a fallen member into a new body, but this is a rare occurrence. The purpose of the implants is a well-kept secret within the Clave, and details of the mechanics are never shared with non-members.

The Amber Clave’s acceptance of all sentient creatures of the Ninth World into its order has placed it at odds with several other organizations, including the Angulan Knights and some more conservative members of The Order of Truth.  

There are distinct ranks in the Amber Clade. The leader is called the Bole. Their council consists of Orates. Most of the organization consists of knots of members, small groups who work together to carry out their mission throughout the Ninth World. Members are called the Resin Guard.

Sigil: A heater shield with an eye in the center, with the Mesh represented behind, looking like tree branches or roots

Motto: Knowledge will save us all

Badge of Membership: An amber pendant carved with a tree

Member Benefits: Full members of the Amber Clave are given Mesh Implants, which work as artifacts. These allow them to link telepathically with other members of their cell, including allowing them to see through each other’s eyes and assist on tasks if they aren’t in the same location. They’re also able to upload their research and discoveries to The Mesh.