Season 3

Season 3 introduces a new knot, sent to help start a community on the newly formed volcanic island called the Harbor. It takes place around the same time as Season 2. In this season we start using the Numenera Discovery and Destiny rules, as well as streaming on Twitch and releasing our episodes on YouTube.

Garrett wears grey leather armor. He has an undercut side of his head, with hair growing past his ear on the other. His hair is in an ombre, going from blue to purple. Garrett
Garrett is an Tough, Meddlesome Delve who Explores Yesterday.
Garrett is played by Landan
Rafaella is freckled with her curly brown hair pulled halfway up in a bun. she has a pen tucked behind one ear, and several ear piercings. Rafaella Stel
Rafaella is an Imaginative, Nurturing Nano who Murders.
Rafaella is played by Shaunna
Rigel is solemn with fur incorporated into his armor and a crossbow on his back. His hair is sunbleached. Rigel Sloan
Rigel is a Stealthy, Graceful Glaive who Fights with a Horde.
Rigel is played by Aser

All art done by Hugo! You can find more of his work on Patreon.