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The Amber Clave logo reads The Amber Clave: A Numenera Podcast with an amber tree behind it, and the outline of a grey d20 behind that.

A billion years in the future, the world once known as Earth has seen the rise and fall of eight great civilizations. Mankind has clawed its way up from the muck and ruin time and again only to succumb to threats from within, without and beyond the very conception of known reality. Now, those that dwell in the Ninth World struggle to make better lives amidst the wreckage of interstellar empires and technologies so inconceivable as to be easily mistaken for magic.

In order to protect the promise of this new beginning, the Amber Clave has banded together. Gathering skilled soldiers, scholars, diplomats and explorers, this fledging organization seeks to defend the Ninth World with the most powerful weapon at our disposal, knowledge. Among their ranks, a new team of recruits has been called upon to begin their story as protectors and heroes. Coming from the slave pits, the cruel sea, and the great beyond, these three must work together to uphold the Amber Clave’s mission and save the Ninth World from whatever the unknown brings.

The Amber Clave is a new actual play podcast featuring Monte Cook Games’s award-winning tabletop role-playing game Numenera. Join GM Megan and players Shaunna, Landan, and Aser as they explore the wonders to be found across the Ninth World, in a science fantasy setting full of sword-swinging action, nanotech-powered innovation and more psionic powers than you can shake a slug spitter at.

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