Interview with Monte Cook about Heroes of the Cypher System!

A tree with an amber d20 in the trunk is rooted in a chunk of rock. Jagged text reads 'amber clave'

We were very excited to sit down with Monte Cook to talk about the new Heroes of the Cypher System kickstarter, super heroes, what heroes look like in 2020, monsters, and the evolution of the Cypher System. 

You can find Heroes of the Cypher System on kickstarter through December 11, 2020. As we mention in the interview, every MCG kickstarter is a great deal!

Learn more about the Cypher System at the Monte Cook Games website or on Twitter!

*Aser and Megan recorded this interview for The Redacted Files podcast, but we also discussed Numenera and Cypher in general. 

Direct Download!

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